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    Management Development Programme 2 – 3 days


    This programme is aimed at any manager/supervisor who requires a refresher in best practice management or managers/supervisors who have had limited management development.

    The content is designed to enhance skills and build confidence to deal effectively with other employees at all levels including their own line managers.

    To ensure the learners and the business gets the most out of this programme, it is recommended that a work based project is completed by the learners to embed the learning, adding value for the business.

    TCE are able provide a project outline and assessment criteria based on the course content.

    At the end of this programme, participants will be able to:

    • Understand the critical role of the manager
    • Be able to adapt training/support taking different learning styles into account
    • Communicate with impact through effective rapport and enhanced listening skills
    • Be able to carry out effective questioning techniques to gather facts and gain greater understanding of situations
    • Understand the impact of making assumptions
    • Be able to give quality feedback to enhance performance
    • Understand what change is and the rationale for change
    • Understand how to implement change effectively with team members
    • Understand the purpose and advantage of managing performance
    • Write SMART objectives aligned to KPIs
    • Be able to apply effective behaviours in a variety of situations
    • Be able to apply conflict handling model to encourage win-win outcomes
    • Write an action plan reflecting on the day
    • Understand how to successfully complete the work based project

    Workbooks, copy slides, articles, certificates of attendance, work based projects.

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    Delivering Effective Appraisals – 1 day

    Historically, appraisals have been misused thus resulting in an ineffective paperwork exercise where some managers view it as ‘thank goodness that over with for another year’.

    This programme is designed to achieve the opposite of that with a real emphasis on adding value.

    The content explains the purpose and value of appraisals, highlighting the benefits they can bring to all concerned when carried out effectivley.

    Appraisers will also understand how to conduct an appraisal meeting and follow up on progress.

    The programme is participative and involves discussion in small groups, opportunities to practise key skills and trainer input.

    By the end of the programme, participants will be able to;

    • Understand the purpose of an appraisal
    • The 3 step appraisal process
    • How to write and deliver business focussed objectives through effective communication skills
    • How to build rapport prior to and during the appraisal process
    • The consequences of making assumptions
    • How to give feedback with impact
    • Challenging v criticising
    • Agree how to practically monitor progress
    • Benefits of the appraisal process to the individual, the manager and the organisation.

    Workbooks, copy slides, articles, certificates of attendance.

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    Building Effective Teams – 1-2 Days


    Team building is both an art and a science and the leader who can consistently build high performance teams is worth their weight in gold.

    This programme helps leaders of teams to understand what stages teams go through; how to manage those teams effectively and how to then develop those teams into high performing teams.

    By the end of the programme, participants will be able to;

    • Understand formal and informal working relationships
    • Understand the stages of team development
    • Identify the development stage of own team
    • Understand the roles people play in teams
    • 1 large group activity

    Workbooks, copy slides, articles, certificates of attendance.


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